For most participants, getting to the festival site will mean road transportation from San Diego. Most people opt to ride in Festival vehicles, but there are other options - See belown for options and details.

Flying into San Diego is easy! There are too many hotels with too big a range of amenities and budgets for us to make recommendations If it's on "Hotel Circle", or near the airport, San Diego Bay, or Mission Bay, it's close enough!

It's an easy drive on good roads if you want to drive yourself. You are also welcome to caravan with our scheduled van departure, or join us in a van ($70 for roundtrip transportation). If you would like to drive your own vehicle, we will happily try to help arrange carpooling to save expenses. Please, if you share a ride, plan on giving your driver $50-70 (roundtrip) to cover gas, Mexican auto insurance, etc

Please remember your valid PASSPORT!

If you ride with us (or caravan with us):

We will depart from 5512 Via Bello in San Diego about 10:00am. Please let us know if you want to follow us with your own vehicle.

Festival vehicles will return to San Diego on the last day at about 5:00pm (although this may vary based on the boarder wait by more than 2 hours).

If you drive:

1) Please make sure you have good directions from us as well as exchanging contact phone numbers.

2) You will need Mexican Auto Insurance which you can obtain online (try OR just before the border crossing at drive-through insurance providers. You will need your registration card. The cost is about $25/day + or - depending on the value of your vehicle. You MUST get this. Trust us, your US policy is not sufficient. Really. Ask us for more details.

3) Gas is good quality and easily available at modern gas stations! They have attendants who pump it for you. They will accept pesos or US dollars and give you the going exchange rate, or pretty darn close to it. Most accept credit cards, but unless you've told your credit card company about your Mexico travel plans, they may deny the charges!

If you rent a car:

1) Not all car companies will let you take their vehicles into Baja. Ask, and ask again. They will require you to purchase Mexican auto insurance through them, so you will see a higher price than you expect, but this is necessary. Your US policy is NOT sufficient. Last I checked, Avis allowed Baja rentals (but be sure they know where you're going so there are no surprises) and specialize in it!

BUSES from/to San Diego:

There is excellent, inexpensive, and reliable bus transportation between San Diego and Ensenada. There are several steps involved, but it's pretty straight forward. From San Diego, you will take the trolley to the border, cross the border on foot, short taxi ride to bus station, bus ride to Ensenada where we can arrange to pick you up for the 30 minute ride to our festival location. Simply reverse this to get back to San Diego. We can give you all the details - just ask us!