We expect experienced paddlers to know what they need, but here are some reminders:


Spending money.  Dollars are accepted everywhere but you'll probably get pesos as change.  Bring plenty of small bills ($1's, $5's, and $10's will be easier for most purchases and will result in a small number of pesos in your pocket.)

Clothes for paddling.  Drysuits or wetsuits are appropriate, especially for rescue practice and serious rock garden play. The water will be in the high 50's to low 60's and the air temperature can vary from low 60's and gloomy, the 70's and sunny. HELMET.  PROTECTIVE FOOTWEAR.

Safety gear for paddling. Bring your usual safety gear.  Each coach will have a good first aid kit, spare paddle, and signalling device.

Kayak, skirt, paddle, spare paddle (see "Kayak Rentals" if you are traveling)

Camp clothing.  Evenings will be cool and it could be misty/foggy during the day.  Casual layers are best.  Don't forget a warm hat and comfortable shoes!

Camping gear (if camping).