Food is a big part of the uniqueness of traveling in Baja and we plan to have some culinary adventures as well as kayaking adventures!  Lunch and dinner on our travel days will be at restaurants or taco stands and will be the responsibility of participants.  Not only is the kayaking world class, so is the street food

Other meals are included as follows:

Breakfast and Lunch from Saturday to Wednesday (and breakfast on Thursday): A simple breakfast buffet will be provided each morning.  During breakfast, you'll be able to assemble your own bagged lunch from the 'lunch buffet' table to take with you. This is included in the cost of your registration.  

Dinners: Four dinners are included in your registration fee and 2 dinners will be at restaurants where you'll be ordering off the menu and paying.  US dollara are accepted everywhere.  We suggest a handful of small bills including $1s and $5s as well as a few $20s.  Credit cards are generally not accepted.

Please indicate food restrictions on your registration form. We do our best to accommodate a variety of needs and preferences.  We can easily accommodate vegitarians.  Vegans are a bit harder, so be prepared to supplement with some of your favorite bars/snacks.

Your registration also includes a social hour at the campground one evening featuring local beers, and tequila tasting.  This was a huge hit last year as participants discovered the joy of a truely smooth "sipping" tequila!  After a spectacular sunset, with rosy cheeks and smiles, we'll head to the restaurant for dinner and tales of the day.  Those inclined to finish the evening around the campfire will enjoy good company and good music - if you're a musician, join in!  Bring an instrument or grab a guitar!