This is a rough water event for experienced sea kayakers.  You don't have to be a super star, but you should be comfortable paddling 10-15 miles in a day and are well-practiced at capsize recovery techniques.  You should be comfortable in small surf and bumpy water.  Our location is a rocky peninsula that juts into the Pacific Ocean and provides the perfect playground for kayakers!  We will offer day trips for pure fun and rock-garden play, as well as skills development courses.  Top coaches will mentor groups of 4-6 paddlers at a time!

We chose Baja because we love it!  Not just for the paddling, but for the people, history, and culture as well.  We will be providing several fun opportunities to learn more about Baja and to meet some of the locals who are proud to call it home.

Our mission is to promote kayaking in Baja for international visitors as well as to promote paddlesports in Mexico, for Mexicans, by providing mentoring for local guides and coaches.

You'll find costs detailed on the registration form.


Day 1: Meet in San Diego for 10:00am departure to Mexico by auto. We will stop for lunch (street tacos) on the way, arriving at our base about 2-3pm

Days 2-6: Kayaking! (Day trips from our base)

Day7: Pack up an depart for the US. We will stop in Ensenada for lunch.