Be it coastal touring, kayak-camping, rock gardening, or surfing a wave or three – Gennifer Gatan sees sea kayaking as a never-ending opportunity for learning. The better part, however, has been sharing the passion and process with fellow enthusiasts through instruction, coaching, and leadership. “Meeting them where they are,” guides the heart and hustle of Gennifer’s philosophy, as well as working together to craft an optimal learner-driven experience. 

Gennifer has earned the British Canoeing MW Sea Kayak Level 3 Coach and 5* Advanced Sea Kayak Leader awards. For American Canoe, she’s an L4 Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor. While Gennifer honed her sea legs on the balmy sub-tropical island of Cebu, Philippines, she now calls Southern California home. Freelance and self-employed, she enjoys collaborating with other coaches locally and abroad, and instructs for the California Watersports Collective’s saltwater program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gennifer also paddles for the Sea Kayaking UK/Nigel Dennis Kayaks pro team.