We'll look at incident management techniques in a rock garden environment. We'll focus on setting up safety at a variety of play features and practice techniques to prevent a small incident from becoming a big one! This course will look at slots, caves, pour-overs, breaking waves... ...pretty much any feature we can find! Participants will spend a lot of time in the water, so drysuits are recommended, and if not a drysuit, then a good wetsuit is mandatory. All participants should own a tow line (bring it!) and be familiar with basic towing skills. Participants should be comfortable in 15 knots of wind, 3' breaking waves, and lumpy water. A roll is not necessary.

"Incidents" are likely to include: capsizes in a variety of interesting places, broken boats and equipment, injured paddlers, hypothermia and other illnesses.  Participants are asked to bring (if possible) whatever safety gear they normally carry to deal with such incidents.