As of November 2022, my risk assessment for Covid is as follows: My best guess based on similar events, is that there is a 5-20% probability that you will get Covid if you attend this event. You should assume that at least one participant will arrive Covid positive. I can't even begin to guess the consequences for you if you get it - that's a conversation for you and your health care providers. Please make an informed decision. Being fully vaccinated reduces the probability of severe consequences, so be sure you are fully vaccinated!  Our policies for preventing the spread will include the following:

All coaches will be fully vaccinated. We expect that almost all of our participants will be fully vaccinated too - let's make our event 100% fully vaccinated!

We expect that EVERY participant will use excellent hygiene practices including: FREQUENT & THOROUGH hand washing, coughing/sneezing into elbow, etc. No one wants to get Covid, but we don't want your cold, either!

Anyone exhibiting symptoms of ANY illness (cold, Covid, Flu, etc) will be expected to take a home Covid test, isolate as much as possible (sleep in a tent, stay outdoors, wear a mask when indoors or within 6' of others, etc).

Anyone who tests positive for Covid during the event will be isolated from the group, but may interact with the group (including kayaking) to the extent that they feel able to, and are able to stay 6' from others and remain outdoors. We will have 2 tents and sleeping pads reserved and available for Covid positive participants to isolate.

While there are good hospitals in Ensenada, anyone suffering severe symptoms from Covid, or any other illness/injury, would be better served in the US or their home country. It is your responsibilty to have/acquire sufficient evacuation/health care insurance to meet your needs and expectations. A google search for "adventure travel insurance" will produce a variety of results to meet a variety of needs.

We are very lucky for our outstanding weather, outdoor-living style, and the fact that buildings in Baja are anything but air-tight. We have had zero known cases of transmitted Covid during similar events, but you must make your own decision.

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