Because no one wants to get Covid and because we are traveling to a place where the locals don't have access to the best medical care, I expect that we will still be careful in the spring. Of course, everything could change between now and then....

1) Only participants and coaches who are fully vaccinated may attend

2) We will wear masks when we are indoors and/or in close proximity. This includes travel inside vehicles, shopping, and around the house, especially when crowded in the kitchen. My personal plan is to wear a buff that I can easily pull up and down around the house as needed.

3) Space to sleep inside will be extremely limited so that we don't end up with people breathing covid all night. With fans blowing, I'm planning on 1-3 people per room. I may require DIY Covid tests (which I can provide at cost) for those sleeping inside, but we'll see what life is like in the spring. I'm not sure how many rooms we will have available yet, so just let me know on your registration form what you prefer. I will be encouraging tenting! I will have Tents available to rent, along with a few sleeping pads to make travel and packing gear easier. I cannot provide sleeping bags.

4) For now, I'm limiting the group size to 20, plus coaches. Should it seem reasonable in spring to increase the size, I will open additional spots. There are additional trips being offered from early March, through late April in the same format as the Fest, so the Fest is not your only option! Let Jen know if other dates are preferred and I will provide specifics.

5) Planning begins in earnest in late November, 2021!

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